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COVID-19 and our business

During the current global COVID-19 pandemic, Unearthed Archaeology & Heritage are striving to ensure that we adhere to all advice from medical professionals and the government. We are working remotely where possible and minimising face to face contact to unavoidable site work. On site, we aim to maintain social distancing where possible, although where it is not possible to socially distance, we wear N95 masks. Cleaning of frequently touched surfaces, including equipment is taking place multiple times a day and hand washing protocols are being enforced. 

Anyone who feels in the slightest unwell must stay at home and get tested. No one will be allowed to return to work until they have been cleared of COVID-19. 

The health, safety and happiness of our staff, our clients, our families and our community is at the forefront of everything we do. We want to ensure that all of our staff goes home healthy and happy to return the next day. 

We would like to acknowledge all those essential workers at the frontline of this crisis. True heroes don't wear capes, they wear masks.

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